Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Arrival and departure
You are welcome in the cottage from 14 o’clock in the afternoon. Departure from the cottage before 10:30 in the morning or later in consultation. You can hand in the key or throw it through the mailbox at the front door. In the event of later employment of or premature termination of the stay in the holiday home, the full rent will remain due.

Use of cottage
Upon arrival, you check yourself if the holiday home and inventory are complete and undamaged. If something is damaged or missing, please notify us z.s.m. We will do our utmost to repair or replace or supplement. Normal use of water and electricity is free of charge. If it appears that there is disproportionately high consumption then costs will be charged to the tenant.

Refund house, deposit and damage
You must leave the house tidy and clean. Garbage can be deposited in the gray clicks on the path to the house. Glassware can be left next to the clickos. Furniture and kitchen inventory are back in their original place and are complete. A deposit is included in the total amount to be paid. After your departure we will check if everything in the house is in order and you will deposit the deposit back. Any damage, contamination or loss will be deducted from the deposit. We always judge in all reasonableness. The irregularities are photographed by us and mailed to you. In practice, we rarely have to withhold anything from the deposit and treat the guests with great respect. If you discover any damage or shortcoming during your stay, please inform us immediately. Any actions can then be taken immediately so that the consequences and inconvenience for you and your renter remain limited as much as possible. In case of damage exceeding the amount of the deposit, we will contact you directly to come to a satisfactory solution and (possibly via your third party liability insurance) to pay compensation for the damage.

A stay of more or other persons in a holiday home than agreed on the booking confirmation, or the maximum number that applies for that property, is not permitted without permission, and may lead to the premature termination of the rental agreement on our part, without refund of rent. Sub- or sub-rental is expressly prohibited. It is also not allowed to use the house for commercial purposes or as a party location.

In case of cancellations up to and including 30 days before the arrival date, the tenant owes 50% of the rent amount. In case of cancellations within 30 days before the arrival date, 100% of the rent plus the full additional costs will be due. In case of cancellation, the booking right for the tenant expires on the booking.

Your booking becomes final when the payment is credited to the bank account. The full amount must be paid in advance. If on arrival the full amount has not been received you have no right to involve the holiday home.

The landlord accepts no liability for:
a. theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, to the tenant during or as a result of the rental of and the stay in the rented holiday home.
b. the inability to get out of service or technical equipment in the holiday home, temporary breakdown or disruptions of water and / or energy management, road and / or construction work in the vicinity of the holiday home.
c. damage or injury resulting from the use of the holiday home, inventory included, or accidents in and around the holiday home.
The tenant is jointly and severally liable for all loss and / or damage to the rented property and the inventory thereof, regardless of whether this is the result of acts or omissions of the tenant or third parties that are in or around the rented holiday home with the permission of the tenant . In case of improper use or incorrect leaving of the rented property, the costs will be passed on to the tenant. The lessor will endeavor to provide correct information to the tenant, but is not liable for unforeseen inaccuracies and / or incompleteness in the information provided.
Dutch law applies to all disputes between tenant and landlord.

If you cause inconvenience to neighbors, such as not respecting the night’s sleep or generally applicable rules of conduct, the landlord has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and to deny the tenant and co-tenants access to the holiday home, without refund of rent.

If you have a complaint about the holiday home, we urge you to inform us immediately. We take your complaints seriously and will try to resolve them satisfactorily. If defects to the holiday home are not within one reasonable time can be restored and this at the expense of the holiday enjoyment of the tenant, we will determine whether a compensation is possible. Complaints that come to light on the day of departure or later can never suffer claims. For access we provide after payment of the full rent and confirmation.